The Vanishing
The Vanishing





The Vanishing


150 x 110 cm

Oil on Canvas



It is the red pants of the central character that first jumps to the eyes of the viewer looking at this painting. The central figure, a man or a woman, turns his/her back to the viewer and leans against an invisible wall. The position is confusing. The colorful carpet suggests that it is in an interior space, perhaps the bedroom of a house.


Around the central figure opens another universe, a forest or a dark, gray undergrowth. Through the trees in the background is a strong light, the source of which we can only wonder about. Is it the sun, an electric torch, the headlights of a car ? A threat or, on the contrary, a benevolent light source ?


The title, The Vanishing, refers to the semi-transparent red pants of the character, which seems to be disappearing. The large white spot on the lower left of the painting and the fragment of the colored carpet reinforce this impression of dissolution. The setting up of several different spaces, including the nature / forest, the indoor room / carpet and the white spot open several avenues of narration. This ambivalence of the pictorial language reinforces the impression that the painting morphs into the unreal and the enigmatic.


It is through this juxtaposition of several plans that the notion of duality, which has a dominant place in my work, is highlighted. The painting is built according to a binary rhythm. There is always one thing and then the opposite. Oppositions, such as light and darkness, beauty and repulsiveness, violence and peacefulness, good and evil, inside and outside, hot and cold, ... rub shoulders.