What is Independence ?



South Africa / United Kingdom


L'Indépendance c'est quoi? / What is Independence

(Thomas Sankara)


70 x 50

Watercolour & Collage on Paper



Viewed by supporters as a charismatic and iconic figure of revolution, Sankara is sometimes referred to as "Africa's Che Guevara”. His revolutionary programs for African self-reliance made him a hero to many of Africa's poor.


After seizing power in 1983 Sankara was extremely popular to the vast majority. However, his policies alienated and antagonised the vested interests of several groups, which included the small, but powerful Burkinabé middle class, as well as France and its ally Ivory Coast. In 1987, Sankara was assassinated by troops led by Blaise Compaoré. He is still seen as an iconic figure and example in Burkina Faso and in Africa generally.