152 x 102 cm

Woodcuts and Monotypes on Canvas


I studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp where Fred Bervoets (1942) was then a teacher. Although our work is very different, there is undoubtedly common ground. Just like in Fred’s work, my work is a mix of pathos and drama, topped with a relativizing irony. We obviously also share a preference for monumental formats and crowded compositions.

In my self-portrait Birds (2018), birds play a violent leading role: dozens of pigeons are harassing me. It looks like a scene from The Birds (1963) by Alfred Hitchcock. And just like in Fred’s self-portrait from the Cicatrice series, I place myself in the leading role of a self-created universe.

Tom Liekens (1977)

Tom Liekens Tom Liekens has a completely unique position in the Belgian art landscape. Both his subjects and the way in which he elaborates them into monumental paintings and collages make him one of the most original painters of his generation. His interest in nature is striking. He is fascinated by the unrealistic way in which fauna and flora are presented in paintings, in fairy tales or in films. The artificial world of zoos, natural history museums and tropical greenhouses is also a permanent source of inspiration. Again and again his work is overloaded with art and cultural-historical references.

Tom Liekens lives and works in Antwerp where he graduated in 1999 from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Since then he has participated in numerous exhibitions, won the Camille Huysmans Prize for Painting (2006), and was nominated for the Visual Arts Prize of the Province of Antwerp (2005). Three large monographs of his work have already been published. His work is part of numerous private collections as well as public collections such as the Museum of Contemporary Art (MUHKA), Bank Belfius, National Bank Belgium, Artesis Antwerp University, Antwerp University, Art collection Province of Antwerp and Museum Van Bommel-Van Dam Venlo.