Bandoma - Oeuvre et Objets (2018) FINAL
Bodo - Le pouvoir de l'Artiste (2019) FINAL
Bodo - Rêve de Présidence (2019) FINAL
Bandoma - Little Trump (2018) FINAL

In time, K.C.A. will participate in international art fairs. But it will first  expand its digital network of art with a special focus on engaging the artist-collector relationship through studio visits, regular news flow and curated digital publications about its exhibitions and the work of the artists it represents.

Founded in 2018 by art collector Klaus Pas, K.C.A. is currently collaborating on designing its  first 8 online solo shows, by  partnering with international artists, established, mid-career and younger talents from Morocco, Belgium, South Africa, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Tunisia, Vietnam, and  the D.R.C., and this is only the beginning of the adventure.

Kloser Contemporary Art is a digital online gallery representing international artists. Our program highlights the global artistic dialogue taking place today, transcending generational movements, artistic  expressions and geographical borders to exhibit artworks that carry a universal message through their  unique visual form. We aim to bring collectors closer to  artists.

Parallel to its strategic drive to show artworks digitally for exclusive time periods, K.C.A. hosts annual  group shows in European capitals and continuously engages international art networks to promote its artists. The gallery also proposes curated exhibitions for art spaces and creatively accommodates international exhibitions with museums.